Founded in 1920, Stamperia Bertozzi is a collective of artisans who employ traditional Italian block-print methods. Well into their fifth generation, Bertozzi carries a legacy of stampe a mano or printing by hand on materials such as porcelain and cotton. Most prominent are Bertozzi’s gorgeous table linens - from napkins and tea towels to table runners and sprawling tablecloths.

Stamperia Bertozzi uses techniques that date back hundreds of years. Still today, Bertozzi artisans hand-chisel blocks of pear wood to create unique design motifs. Their magnificent colors mostly derive from vegetal bases and are concocted from secret recipes that have been passed down for the last half-century. The result is linens and ceramics layered with distinct brayer lines and brush strokes in a rich variety of colors that suit all seasons and occasions.

Situated in the northernmost hills of Italy, the workshop concerns itself with environmental sustainability and innovation by operating completely on solar-based power.

Integrity in design is palpable from Bertozzi. Earthy and exquisite. Simple yet refined.

Bertozzi Linen Sfumato Napkin in Blu


Linen Sfumato Napkin in Blu


Painted Dinner Plate in Blu


Painted Dinner Plate in Blue


Bertozzi Small Flat Plate in Bianca


Small Flat Plate in Bianca