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Italian designer Reinhard Plank creates truly unique and artistic hats using classical materials like felt, wool, lapin, straw and paper. Reinhard turns traditional hats into something quite extraordinary, experimenting with different finishing treatments to make his hats unique.

With the ambition to create hats that emphasize individuality, uniqueness and excellent workmanship, Reinhard embarked on his millinery career in 2005. Reinhard utilized his education in traditional Industrial Design from Vienna to turn his revisioning craftsmanship into an unusual, creative and enduring style. His designs constantly evolve and transform classic forms, embracing the artisanal nature of apparel design while expanding the idea of what the modern hat looks like.

Plank has become the leading pioneer when it comes to hats in the fashion world. The label’s aesthetic is a blend of clean lines and minimal tones that are immediately recognizable. Each hat is entirely made by hand in Reinhard’s studio in the countryside of Florence, giving each a tremendous amount of personality.

Reinhard Plank Straw Comme Ramie Hat in Black

Reinhard Plank

Comme Ramie Hat in Black


Reinhard Plank Donna Para Hat in Black

Reinhard Plank

Donna Para Hat in Black