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Founded in India by Jyotika Jhalani in 1998, Janavi is one of the world's premiere manufacturers of luxury cashmere, known for their unique use of embroidery and adornment. In every piece, there lies an element of finessed artistry, from elaborate hand painting to intricate embellishment techniques.

As a child Jyotika was idiosyncratic: she left high school at fifteen, skipped university and started her career at the World Bank at eighteen. After a decade at the World Bank, Jyotika began Janavi from her son’s bedroom with the simple goal of creating unique cashmere shawls unlike any the world had seen before. Janavi has grown into an internationally praised company celebrating the versatility of cashmere and creating wearable pieces of art.

The word Janavi is a synonym for the river Ganga, which is the main inspiration for the Janavi collections. The river continually inspires to create and flow as Janavi empowers their growing community of artisans and designers. Employing a team of 400 talented designers and master craftsmen, each piece is crafted and embroidered entirely by hand by members of their team, taking over 700 hours to create. The collections are a manifestation of both the designers and the weavers, allowing them to express their inner selves. Each piece captures the energy of the time it was imagined and is one to be cherished and gifted for occasions and generations to come.