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Barcelona has as many colors in its vibrant seascape and architecture as it does people. Som Les Dues has managed to translate this colorful mediterranean culture into a wide range of absolutely stunning scarves. Gemma Grau and Roser Brufau are the duo behind the artful collection. Both natives of Barcelona, they started the company in 2012 because they wanted to create something different, especially in the way fabrics and colors were used in scarves. The abstract artist’s color palette paints across wide foulards with brightness and boldness. The lightness, both in the weight and aesthetic, of the collection brings joy, well being, radiance to the wearer.

Som Les Dues is committed to producing locally and in the highest quality. To ensure superb quality, they buy the raw fabric in Italy, and all of the manufacturing is done by artisans in small workshops around Catalonia. Their fabric blends offer a special finish that is both subtle and delicate. Strong yet subtle modal is mixed with cashmere, fine linen, or silk, providing each piece with a soft and unique feel. Every scarf is handmade by artisans and only dyed with natural dyes by using manual techniques.

Nature, art, architecture, and the people of their beautiful city of Barcelona, serve as the inspiration for the design of their scarves. After all, it is the city of the visionary Antoni Gaudí and Joan Miró, both of whom the duo adores. Barcelona inspires them to the point that their representative logo is the famous flower that you can find in many of the city’s pavements. Allow yourself to escape into the history and culture of the famous mediterranean city with the playful scarves of Som Les Dues, which are true pieces of art themselves.