Benny Setti

Textile designer Benedetta Setti is the visionary artist behind the scarves collection Benny Setti. Originally from Venice, Italy, when Benedetta isn’t traveling the world, she lives between Venice and Milan. She is an expert in creating new and original patterns and prints for fabrics with exceptionally original designs. The natural world, all artistic expressions, and travel are Benedetta’s greatest passions and they constantly serve as her inspiration for her design. Sensual color play, with sultry and rich palettes and passionate bursts of tone, define her collection of gorgeous scarves.

The mark “Made in Italy” is front and center of the Benny Setti collection. She works with the best Italian suppliers in the Como area of Northern Italy, a place renowned for its world class fabric production. Benedetta solely works with factories that care about the environmental impact of their work; each factory ensures a full water purification process after the printing activities. Benedetta only uses all-natural fabrics such as various types of silk, chiffon, twill, creponne, cashmere, and modal. Each print is distinct and full of character.

The perfect accent to any wardrobe, the scarves, with nature based motifs, are to be worn any way the heart desires, giving the adventurous woman a chance to play. Allow yourself to grab your favorite scarf and wrap it any way you want on your next adventure: riding the gondolas in Venice, coasting down the Pacific Coast, riding horseback in the Argentine pampas, or walking down the streets of Paris.

Designed in Venice and made in the Northern Italian Alps, with love.

Benny Setti

Benny Setti Silk Satin Mosaic Scarf in Blue

Benny Setti

Silk Satin Mosaic Scarf in Blue