Maria Frantzi was born on the Greek island of Rhodes in 1970 into a family of jewelers. Since birth she has been surrounded by beautiful jewels and remembers playing with them the way most children play with toys. She studied jewelry design in Thessaloniki, Greece, and opened her first jewelry workshop in 1988. Eventually Maria moved to London in 1999, and began selling her jewelry to customers all over the world.

Brilliant, striking stones with unique shapes define Maria Frantzi's elegant yet whimsically vivid jewelry. Each piece has a fantastical beauty, both bold and sublime. Glowing pink tourmalines and luminous blue Apatites and Chrysocollas, inspired by the Aegean Sea, are held by the hand sculpted gold borders.

Maria is fascinated by the history of jewelry, how it has been used to express prestige, power, faith, and love throughout the ages. During the design process, her greatest source of inspiration is to find a way to bring a new perspective to the ancient artform of jewelry. She starts with an idea and as she starts to solder and hammer, she lets it evolve with her inspiration, resulting in each piece being truly unique, no two are the same. From the selecting of the stones, to the setting, Maria does every part of the production process herself in order to keep each piece a showcase of the unique aesthetic of her hand.