Yossi Harari’s fascination with magnificent jewelry began early, at age eight he announced to his parents that he would be “the family jeweler!” Today, he is the owner and founder of a world renowned jewelry brand. Yossi had a wonderful childhood with a cultured upbringing being raised in Istanbul, Israel, and Switzerland. Growing up, he was surrounded by his grandfather’s vast collection of art and antiques, beautiful objects, and ancient artifacts. His senses were constantly delighted and by the age of eleven, he surprised his mother by redesigning one of her diamond rings, the first jewelry item he made. It was this artistic endeavor that set him on a course of creativity and design from which he has never strayed.

Yossi received formal training in Gemology and Jewelry design from the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles and then received a History of Arts degree from Tel Aviv University. Yossi opened his atelier in Istanbul in 1992 where his works are still being created. Yossi's designs, crafted from a variety of metals, are inspired by the spectacular influences of the region from which he comes.

Yossi Harari 24K Gold Melissa Earrings

Yossi Harari

24K Gold, "Melissa" Earrings


Yossi Harari 24K, Lapis Roxanne Earrings

Yossi Harari

24K, Lapis Roxanne Earrings


Yossi Harari Apatite Tribe Wrap Necklace

Yossi Harari

24K Gold, Apatite Wrap Necklace