Yossi Harari’s fascination with magnificent jewelry began early when at age eight he announced to his parents that he would be “the family jeweler!” Yossi Harari’s couture jewelry is versatile, designed to be worn with the exclusive and sophisticated flair the pieces emanate.

Yossi had a unique childhood with a multicultural upbringing, raised in Turkey, Israel and Switzerland. At age eleven, he surprised his mother by redesigning one of her diamond rings, the first jewelry item he made. Yossi began his formal training receiving degrees in Gemology and Jewelry design from the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles, followed by a History of Arts degree from Tel Aviv University. Yossi opened his couture jewelry atelier in Istanbul in 1991, where he revived the long forgotten art of 24K gold-smithing. In 2007, 2009 and again in 2014, Harari was awarded with the Couture Design Award — ‘The Oscars' of the jewelry industry — that recognizes excellence in jewelry and timepiece design.

To this day, Harari and his expert goldsmiths create ingenious organic shapes from pure 24K gold sheets, sculpting each toggle, bead and bezel by hand, refusing to resort to wax molds or castings. His Tel Aviv headquarters, including a stunning showroom used for private and by-appointment jewelry viewings, was his grandparent’s home.

Yossi's designs, crafted from a variety of metals, are inspired by the spectacular influences of the regions of his adolescence. His gold pieces are noted for their creative and intrepid fusion of diamonds as well as precious gemstones. Each item radiates the rich yellow color and warm feel of pure gold and recalls the spectacular jewels of ancient times. Always seeking new ways to express his art and achieve fresh and exclusive looks, Harari invented his own metal alloy by combining oxidized silver with 24k gold to form “Gilver.” Harari offers an entire line of stylish, trademark, handcrafted Gilver couture pieces that offer an unsurpassed alternative to traditional gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Harari uses gems and diamonds as a painter uses oils on their palette — mixing and matching them to create just the right effect. He selects only the best, most vibrant and accessible colored stones, such as sapphires, Persian turquoise, tsavorite garnet, and Paraiba tourmaline. These, and diamonds, gleam from the folds of the gold or Gilver settings that embrace them.

Yossi Harari 24K Gold Melissa Earrings

Yossi Harari

24K Gold, "Melissa" Earrings


Yossi Harari 24K, Lapis Roxanne Earrings

Yossi Harari

24K, Lapis Roxanne Earrings


Yossi Harari Apatite Tribe Wrap Necklace

Yossi Harari

24K Gold, Apatite Wrap Necklace