Maison de Vacances

Maison de Vacances began as a tiny, avant-garde shop nestled in the heart of Paris, the Palais Royal gardens. It was a vision ahead of its time, created by Michèle Fouks, the original founder. Now Maison de Vacances has grown tremendously, into a brand that puts its customers first, practices ethical responsibility, and has a timeless vision for the unique and modern home.

A collaboration between couple Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac, their motto is “dress your house as you like to dress,” with the idea that their high-quality products have a direct connection to personal style—but not fleeting trends. Instead of being wrapped up in the cycle of fast production, Maison de Vacances prioritizes the use of the finest linens, cashmere, and knitwear. They believe that beauty is in the dialectical history of the object, and that its valued collector should have full access to that history.

Now in homes all over the world, it is undeniable that the quality and bohemian chic style of Maison de Vacances is widely and rightfully appreciated for their thoughtful craft. The way they see it, their success is probably due to the brand’s authenticity, timelessness, coolness, and duality. The balance of charm and luxury in their products and artful displays, shows a love of simplicity in life through exuberant color and universally comforting textures. Visit Wild Life or our website to experience our wide collection of Maison de Vacances products.