Santa Fe Dry Goods opened in 1979, at a time when Santa Fe was exploding onto the international art scene. Greig and Helga Porter began the store and sold it to their daughter Shobhan Porter in 2008.

With nearly a quarter century in a 4,000 square foot location on the plaza, Santa Fe Dry Goods is at a historical and cultural hub. The individuality and internationalism inspired by Santa Fe’s vibrant culture are central to the stylistic perspective of Santa Fe Dry Goods.

Shobhan opened Workshop in 2013 with a vision for exploring unconventional styles that she had encountered traveling in Europe. Workshop represents up and coming designers who are redefining traditional notions of fashion.

The aesthetic roots of Porter Associates spur from a family background of world travel, antiques, and handicrafts. International friendship is also a central paradigm: bringing this type of art to Santa Fe is a joy and a long-term commitment where connectivity is key.

Porter Associates aims for a welcoming experience and an engaging environment. A wide diversity of designers are represented, set against a backdrop of nature brought in from outside. Texture, color, and design are throughlines, and customers are encouraged to touch products, flip through books on textiles, or engage in conversations about a designer’s history.

Shobhan Porter is the owner and buyer for Santa Fe Dry Goods and Workshop. Please feel free to contact her at info@santafedrygoods.com with any questions.