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Lika Behar

Istanbul, Turkey

Acclaimed designer Lika Behar creates unique and intimate works of wearable art inspired by ancient civilizations and the Mediterranean. Her hand sculpted individual designs reflect ancient history as well as the modern feminine spirit.

Lika Behar brings to life her beautiful masterpieces in the ancient city of Istanbul, Turkey, the heart of where East meets West. Istanbul and its venerable history serve as a fundamental source of inspiration for Lika. The city is one of the true great romantic destinations of the world, where historical Anatolian and Byzantine architecture melds with a modern skyline. Lika has mastered the art of blending ancient inspiration into modern sensibility. Her studio is a turret on the top floor of an old building. In the sunlight and breathtaking views of a 14th century skyline, Lika dreams up shapes, looking into the souls of precious gems and hammering pure gold and silver into delicate sculptures.

Lika’s collections feature combinations of hammered 22K and 24K gold, pure oxidized silver, diamonds and gemstones with extraordinary colors: the same ingredients that have made the best of jewelry in Turkey for centuries. Jewelry making is truly a love affair for Lika, her life’s passion. From beginning to end she puts her heart and soul into each piece.

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