Sabina Savage & Brunello Cucinelli Essentials

Sabina Savage Peach and Blue Scarf paired with Brunello Cucinelli Red Top and Black PantsSabina Savage scarves are superbly detailed, hand-drawn, printed works of art. The modal/cashmere scarves are sheer but can still be deeply intriguing. This scarf drawing features peach pink, powder blue, and red tones. The red pops in the midst of the pastel shades. The contrasting color can be accentuated by pairing with a similar red shade top and black pants from Brunello Cucinelli. This allows the scarf to become the centerpiece, respectively.

Sabina Savage The Qing Kingfishers Sheer Scarf in Ballet/Teal

Brunello Cucinelli Lightweight Cashmere/Silk Sweater in Red

Brunello Cucinelli Pull-On Fitted Pants in Black