Indienne Florals for Modern Safari

Annette Gortz Grey Jacket and Pants, Gary Graham Indienne Floral print top, and Reptiles House brown leather bagIndienne florals were a focus for Gary Graham this season. Indienne florals were popular in France fashion, and imported from India. These seemingly unreal vivid (for the era) colors were highly sought after and incorporated into French fashion. A Gary Graham Indienne floral print shirt pairs well with an Annette Görtz neutral and structural taupe grey jacket and pants. Be well equipped with a Reptile’s House brown leather bag. The look is classic with historic influences that gives early-twentieth century safari wear but is still timelessly executed.

Gary Graham Long Sleeve Indienne Floral Top in Red

Annette Görtz Double Breasted Art Jacket in Giraffe

Annette Görtz Faby Pants in Concrete

Reptiles House Small Top Flap Shoulder Bag in Brown