Elevated Essentials: Paychi Guh & Ever Veritas

Paychi Guh Blue Sweater, Ever Veritas Fresco Scarf, and Closed JeansPaychi Guh cashmere elevates the idea of essential wardrobe pieces. Similar to basics, her cashmere is effortless to incorporate and exceptionally comfortable. However, the Paychi Guh navy blue cashmere sweater can also stand-alone with its use of slight, but striking, exposed seams. The Ever Veritas lightweight scarf in sky blue and Closed jeans' cropped styles in mocha brown or blue denim become a comfortable blend of signature staples.

Paychi Guh Printed Tissue Weight Sweater in Dark Denim

Ever Veritas Fresco Printed Scarf in Sky

Closed Cropped Narrow Jeans in Mocca Brown

Closed Heartbreaker Girlfriend Cut Jeans in Washed Down Blue