Benny Setti: Bold & Intricate Scarves

Benny Setti White Floral Scarf, Toogood Cotton White Shirt, Oska Grey Linen Pants, Holly Masterson NecklaceBenny Setti scarves use rich and intriguing colors, with unique designs. The floral design multicolored scarf is both striking and balanced. Wearing a structural white top from Toogood with Oska off-white linen pants creates a clean matte base to allow a contrast in finish, with the satin scarf. Finish with a Holly Masterson necklace of walrus ivory and lodolite. The outfit becomes an expressive blend of strong and relaxed.

Benny Setti Silk Satin Patchwork Print Scarf in Natural

Holly Masterson Sterling Silver, Ancient Walrus Ivory, and Lodolite Pendant Adornment

Toogood Double Cotton Cheesemonger Top in Milk

Oska Linen Tyra Pants in Pebble