Designer Profile - Hania

After moving to New York from West Germany as a single mother and professional Ballerina, Anya Cole developed her knitting practice into the incredibly creative business HANIA, which now produces two separate collections of high quality, ethically handmade, luxury knitwear.

One collection is made by the world renowned mill Todd & Duncan, located on the banks of Lochleven in Kinross, Scotland. This collection based on Anya's designs, is machine knit, using the industry’s best cashmere in sophisticated color palettes. Todd & Duncan was founded in 1867 in Scotland and produces for the top designers in the world including Dior, Hermès, and Lainey Keogh. The original founder, Joseph Dawson, invented the first mechanical process to clean and dehair raw cashmere fibre at the end of the 19th century, founding what we now recognize as the modern cashmere industry.

The other collection that Anya creates is of one-of-a-kind pieces that are designed and hand-knit in New York City. Originally starting with one knitter, Hania now employs over one hundred knitters throughout New York City to hand-knit a selection of her designs. These knitters are taught the techniques and skills necessary to knit the innovative, complex designs by Anya, elevating them to skilled artisans working at the highest level of craftsmanship. Using specially twisted yarn from exclusive and esteemed Italian and Scottish cashmere mills, the resulting knitwear is plush and supple.

The knits from both Scotland and New York are contemporary yet timeless, versatile yet unmistakable. Constructed with expertise and inventiveness, Hania sweaters are truly unique.