Casey Casey

Casey Casey

Designer Profile - Casey Casey

Casey Casey is designed by Gareth Casey and made entirely by hand in Paris, France. All the garments are made using only the finest fabrics. Each textile undergoes a delicate, hands-on process of washing and dyeing that imbues their fabric with a unique finish with a silky sheen and pliable texture.

This creates an original and timeless aesthetic unique to the brand, reminiscent of your favorite piece of clothing that has a pure and familiar softness that can only come with time. Casey Casey garments reconnect the modern wearer with the well-established and venerable skills of the traditional Parisian ateliers. Every piece displays meticulous, hands–on workmanship.

The collection is centered around creating comfortable, relaxed, and functional clothing: crisp clean tailoring with an ephemeral aspect to it. Cotton, silk, and linen all come together to create simple silhouettes, dyed in a color palette with a distinctly campagne française country flare. Brisk white cotton tops, oversized silken polka dots dresses, and french blue and midnight blue cotton sheaths gracefully drape the wearer in simple elegance.

Look natural, lighthearted, and beautiful in Casey Casey whether you are strolling down the Champs-Élysées, the Rue Monge, the vineyards of Napa, or lounging in your own private garden.