Nicholas K

Nicholas K

Designer Profile - Nicholas K

Nicholas K is the brother-sister design duo, Christopher and Nicholas Kunz. They presented their first collection in 2003 in New York City. They are now members of the Council of the Fashion Designers of America. The siblings are originally from Tucson, Arizona and the rugged charms of the western desert and mountains are still a major influence in their design process. Their creativity is continually energized by the majesty of nature. Known for their mastery of draping, they are one of the most consistently talked about brands in high fashion.

The collection is very transitional, the items can be worn many different ways and effortlessly switch from day to night. Their aim is to create pieces that have a flexibility and ease to them, making them perfect for travel. Their ingenious wrapping and elegant draping creates bold and unique shapes.

Nicholas K describes their brand as "Urban Nomad." It is about creating a harmonious balance between nature and city life. Urban nomad refers to the evolved renaissance individual: worldy, ecologically conscious, and diverse. Someone who values experience over ownership. The Nicholas K woman is independent, strong, and fierce.

Their Spring 2017 collection channels otherworldly oases of the Wadi Rum region of Jordan and a bedouin aesthetic where desert wear meets urban modern, using an incredible color palette ranging from nudes to desert sage. All of the ikat fabrics are handmade by artisans in India. This collection also marks the pair’s shift into a sustainable mind-set, as they are now finalists in the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge, a 17-month program that concludes in 2017.