Designer Profile - Akris

Since 1922, Akris has been defining the pinnacle standard for production excellence and masterful technique. Akris is an independent family owned fashion house established 90 years ago by Alice Kriemler-Schoch in St. Gallen: a Swiss town celebrated for its truly exquisite embroidery and advanced textile traditions. The brothers Albert and Peter Kriemler are the third generation to lead the business. Creative director Albert Kriemler is Head of Design of Akris while CEO Peter Kriemler is at the helm of finances and management.

For Akris designer Albert Kriemler, fabrics are a vital source of his inspiration. In his own words, “The design of every item begins with a piece of fabric in my hand,” Albert sketches his designs only once a certain fabric is completed. Akris fabrics are custom-produced in specialized mills in St. Gallen and Northern Italy, sometimes the development of a fabric may take up to several years. Akris clothing is then pieced together in ateliers in St. Gallen, Zurich, and Ticino, Switzerland; Albert insists that every garment has the touch of his masterful seamstresses. Akris is known for the precision hand finishing that completes the production of each piece: a double-faced cashmere jacket requires two and a half days to complete, for example.

Akris stands for state-of-the-art fashion, where true creativity and innovation segue into wearability.

For Spring 2017, bold graphic prints are gallantly featured more than the intricacy and precision of the house’s iconic, visually subtle, St. Gallen lace. The colorful geometries of Carmen Herrera’s paintings make for eye-catching motifs on shifts and shirtdresses with breezy, A-line tailoring.