Umit Unal

Umit Unal

Designer Profile - Umit Unal

Turkish designer Ümit Ünal has been immersed in fashion since he began working in his parent’s tailoring shop at 8 years old. This deeply personal connection to clothing is the foundation for the elevated, crumpled minimalism that the line embodies. Established in 1992 in Istanbul, the company is made up of 15 people including family, artists, and craftsmen. All of the pieces are produced in Ünal’s private atelier in the ancient Eyüp district of Istanbul.

Ünal has degrees in archeology, art history, and fashion design. The result is a complex cultural and historical richness at the core of his collections. Approaching design intellectually before aesthetically, Ünal first works with concepts before touching fabrics.

The clothing is honest and sincere in its simplicity and hand work. Natural fabrics such as linen, silk and wool are dyed in his signature monochromatic “non-color” palette. There is love and consciousness in each handmade detail, such as the hand stitching around the pockets and lapels, the added swatches of coordinating fabrics, and the mindful crumpling that is masterfully created for texture.

Ümit Ünal explores big concepts while remaining rooted in a rustic yet modern look with an avant-garde mood, resulting in a casual style that is still intellectual.